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Waireka Lifecare


How do I come into Waireka Lifecare?

Visit your GP and ask them to refer you to the Needs Assessment Service Coordination (NASC) team from your local hospital.

They will visit you in your home to understand the level of care you will need.

Who pays for my care?

The needs assessor from NASC will arrange for a means test through Work and Income New Zealand.

If you meet the set criteria you may receive partial or full subsidised care. 

If I live in at Waireka Lifecare can I stay overnight with family or friends?

Yes, you are able to go and stay overnight with your family and friends.

Our nursing staff or manager will help to organise your personal requirements so that you can have an enjoyable break. 

What is a care plan?

This is a care plan that is focussed on who you are and what you like.

We will learn to understand how you like to spend your day and the routines you prefer.

We will understand your personal preferences and what brings you joy, as well as your nursing requirements.

Our aim is to get to know you well, so with your agreement, relatives and friends are encouraged to be involved in creating your care plan too.

What is a map of life?

Your Map of Life is a picture board that we create with you to tell everyone who cares for you who you are and what is important to you.

How do I visit the Doctor?

We have our own General Practitioner (GP) who visits the care home regularly.

You will be scheduled to be seen by them on a regular basis.

If you wish to have a visit from the GP at other times please let the Registered Nurse know.

You are welcome to retain your own doctor if they are happy with this arrangement.

However, your GP may not be available out of hours, and for any acute or after-hours medical assessments, we may need to contact one of our on-call doctors if yours is not available.

There may be additional charges if you choose to retain your own GP.

How will I get my medication?

Our care home has an agreement with the pharmacy to dispense your medications.

This involves a coordinated order and supply system and includes individually packaged doses to provide safe and reliable dispensing of medications.

Some medications incur a cost if they are not fully subsidised.

This cost is not covered in our agreement and will be passed on to you.

If you wish to manage your medications yourself, you will need a note from your doctor confirming this.

Medications must be stored in a locked drawer in your room.

Can I practice my own cultural beliefs?

Residents from all religious and cultural affiliations are welcome at our home.

When we are developing your care plan with you, we will ask you about your specific spiritual and cultural needs.

Arrangements can be made for you to continue to practice your faith and remain in contact with your place of worship or religious group.

Please discuss this with a member of staff.

Relatives and friends are welcome to take you to your regular place of worship.

What happens during a fire emergency?

Our care home is fitted with fire prevention and safety equipment.

Our team is trained in fire and emergency response and evacuation procedures.

If you discover a fire, you should activate the 24-hour call system to inform staff who will follow the emergency procedure or raise the alarm using a fire alarm call point (if not already activated by the automatic fire detection system).

Can I smoke?

Should you have any specific needs, please discuss these with the care home manager.

Who provides the furniture in my room?

We will provide a bed, bedside table, and a wardrobe and drawers to store your clothes.

You are very welcome to bring your favourite furnishings or some personal items with you to make your room your own.

We encourage you to bring your own belongings such as pictures and books.

For safety reasons, we do not allow items such as candles, incense, or aromatic oil burners into the home, as they can create a fire risk.

Can I bring electrical appliances?

For safety reasons all electrical equipment that you bring into the home must be tagged and certified as safe.

If your electrical equipment requires testing we will arrange to have this done for a small charge.

Is there a phone in my room?

Private phones and computers can be connected in your room and you are also welcome to use your own mobile phone.

There are telephones available for your use and our team is happy to provide assistance if needed.

You are responsible for the installation and ongoing usage costs of any private phone or computer.

Can I have a television or SkyTV in my room?

Some of our care home rooms have a TV installed in the bedrooms.

Others have a point and aerial plug so that you can bring your own along.

If you wish to have a SkyTV connection in your room, you will have to pay for the connection, and a satellite dish if there is not sufficient coverage in that area of the care home.

Can I entertain friends and family in my room?

Our care home has a communal lounge and dining spaces.

We also have gardens and outdoor seating areas.

Our communal spaces can often be booked for 'special celebrations'.

Please talk to our team about your needs.

Can my family still care for me?

While our role is to care for you, we understand that some relatives or friends still want and need to continue caring for you and helping you.

They may like to make a cup of tea for you when they visit or help clean and tidy your room or sort out your laundry.

We are very happy for relatives and friends to assist you in this way if this is what you both want.

Some practical examples of how relatives can be involved are:

• Taking you to appointments

• Accompanying you on outings or walking around the gardens

• Helping with eating at meal times

• Lending special skills to activity sessions, e.g. Flower arranging, crafts, reading

• Creating maps of life

• Chatting with other residents who perhaps do not receive many visitors.

What kind of food is served?

Our care home has a kitchen manager who is responsible, with their team, for providing a menu that gives as much choice as possible for breakfast, lunch, and evening meals.

Special requirements such as vegetarian, diabetic, low fat, low salt, or weight reduction diets can be provided.

Please advise us prior to your admission if there are any cultural or other preferences you may have.

Can I have alcohol?

If you wish to drink alcohol you may do so, however we ask that you speak to a senior member of the team, to make sure it won’t upset your diet or medications.

How is my laundry handled?

We have a laundry service available for your personal clothing.

All linen is provided and laundered by our care home.

Your clothes must be named to make sure they are returned to the correct person.

Sewn or iron-on labels are very effective.

Please ensure that any new items are also labelled.

We aim to provide a high-quality service, however, please bear in mind that the lowest machine washable temperature is 35˚centigrade.

We cannot hand wash items and suggest relatives or friends launder any delicate clothing.

Can mail be sent to me at the care home?

Mail addressed to residents will be delivered unopened.

We can post any stamped letters or parcels for you.

Where do I go to get my hair cut?

Our hairdresser visits the home on a regular basis.

Please refer to the registered nurse or the notice board for specific hairdressing days, times, and charges.

How will I spend my day?

We encourage you to keep doing the kind of things you did before moving into our care home.

Our activities team provide a varied programme of activities and special events, e.g. arts and crafts, easy exercise, music sessions, quizzes, and games.

There may be times in the day when you may choose to occupy yourself, possibly listening to music, reading, or doing a puzzle.

Please let us know if there is anything we can do to make sure you get enough quiet time.

There are always impromptu activities such as chatting with other residents, helping with tasks or gardening around the home, visiting the local shop or library, or having your hair done or nails manicured.

How do I find out what activities are planned?

Our care home produces a newsletter as well as an activities sheet to let you know what’s happening in the home.

This usually includes information about past and upcoming activities and events, staff updates, and news.

What if I need funds or want to buy something?

Your personal funds are held for you in a 'Comfort Account'. 

Your personal funds for use in the care home will be overseen by our administrator and you are able to draw upon these as long as they are in credit.

Please note that limited amounts of cash are held on-site, so we ask that funds are requested in advance where possible.

Personal funds will not be released to relatives or friends unless the administrator has your permission, or, if you are unable to manage your own finances, the permission of the person who has been legally appointed to do so.

This may be someone appointed under an Enduring Power of Attorney.

We recommend large amounts of cash and significant valuables are not kept at the care home, however, a locked drawer is provided.

Do I need insurance for my personal things?

You need to arrange your own insurance, if it is required, for your personal items.

Certain small items can be deposited in the home’s safe.

They should be sealed in an envelope marked with the date and your name.

What if I have a complaint?

You can speak directly to the care home manager about your complaint or suggestion.

If it is easier, please ask for a Feedback Form.

Feedback Forms are available in the reception area or from the care home manager.

Please fill this out and either place it in the box in reception or hand it in at the front desk.